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Yearly Archives: 2015

Why Wearable Tech Will Make Life Worth Living

Wearable tech is fast becoming as essential as our cup of coffee in the morning.

The technology itself is mind blowing, but what really gives it “juice” is the data analysis that sits behind it. Big Data is not a new concept to many of us, and predictive analysis already makes the ads pop up just when you feel the […]

How To Earn Influence On Social Media

As with everything in life, influence is relative.

There are some people who are proud to have “hit” the 500 connection number on LinkedIn and then sit back and wait for the magic networking benefits to roll in. Equally, people might buy 5,000 followers on Twitter and then wonder why they don’t get any retweets.

Influence doesn’t materialize out of thin […]

Big Data Will Cure Diseases

The revolution of Big Data in Healthcare is on the way.

Many countries around the world are sitting on vast records of patient data, which, if used correctly, could provide the key to future disease prevention and eradication.
Advances in genetics and biotechnology have been astounding over the past 10-15 years and if the analytical possibilities of Big Data develop at […]

Social Media Is Watching You

Sometimes I think that the phrase social media is somewhat of a misnomer. Social implies real-time communication between individuals and a two-way dialogue with wider society. For the most part, this is true.

However, in the age of big data and technology advancements, the conversations are not just living and breathing. They can be captured and recorded in all manner […]

Lägenhet i Göteborg – ingen omöjlighet!

Att lösa en lägenhet i Göteborg kan vara svårt att lösa 2017, men jag lyckades med det så sent som förra året!

Hur då?

Jo, genom att kontakta privata fastighetsägare i Göteborgsområdet direkt. Hur bär man sig åt?

Det hela är egentligen väldigt simpelt.

Jag tycker många försvårar processen onödigt mycket.

Det finns en bostadskö i Göteborg – BoPlats – och det finns privata […]

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