In today’s day and age, unemployment is everywhere. In the United States alone, approximately 21 million people currently find themselves out of work involuntarily.

Unfortunately, all around the world, the trend tends to follow suit. And though not everyone who’s currently out of work is interested in the recent Healthcare IT, a sizable portion very much is.

So, as a healthcare professional, how can you best take advantage of the favorable environment in which your industry of choice currently finds itself? What can you do to land the finest IT talent the health sector has to offer?

No worries—over the years, having firmly established ourselves as an authority on a number of recruitment fronts, we’ve equipped ourselves with three tried-and-true techniques to give you an advantage over the competition:

1) Communication, Communication, Communication

Did we mention communication? You get the idea—as a recruiter, making sure both you and an IT candidate are on the same page is of the utmost importance.

Look at things this way—if you’re unable to continually keep an IT prospect in the loop as to where they stand, they’ll likely take their in-demand talents elsewhere.

At all times, be open, honest and upfront about where an IT recruit stands throughout the application, screening, interview and hiring process. The better you communicate, the more likely you’ll be to land a truly game-changing IT talent.

2) Don’t Wait to Talk About Salary

Of the mistakes healthcare and IT recruiters routinely make, this is by far one of the most pressing. Truth be told, it’s also one of the most damaging, too. Yes, salary is a heavy-hitting subject during the negotiation process, but it’s by no means a topic that should be avoided.

Talk about salary early on, and if your candidate isn’t pleased with the offer you’re able to make, you might face rejection, but you’ll quickly be able to redirect your efforts elsewhere.

If you’re close on price, but have yet to have landed the talent in question, you’ll have a better idea of what’s needed to close the deal.

Either way, the longer you prolong talking about salary, the more probable it is that your IT prospect furthers the hiring process with a healthcare entity that’s less hesitant to talk about what will always play a key role in recruitment—money.

3) Use Peer Interviews to Your Advantage

Before making a purchase on Amazon, my guess is that you first read through a few user reviews, correct? Though you’ve probably never realized it at the time, you’re looking for “social proof” as to the validity of the purchase you’re about to make.

Basically, you want evidence that you’re spending your money wisely. Inviting a personable, high-performing IT professional into one of your in-person interviews is a great way to do the same thing.

Interviewees are given the chance to interact firsthand with a potential coworker, while recruitment transparency improves, as well. Also, you’ll have yet another opinion to reference before making your final decision.


Due to the current climate of global employment, more high-quality healthcare IT professionals are on the move than ever before. As such, it’s important to ask yourself—are you being as effective as possible to make them an integral part of your team.

Rest assured, using the above three methods, you’ll soon find your healthcare firm staffed with only top-notch, industry-leading IT professionals.

As always, best of luck finding the right fit!