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    4 Top-Notch Qualities to Look for When Hiring Your Next Employee

4 Top-Notch Qualities to Look for When Hiring Your Next Employee

Here at Strategy Solutions, we act as an international recruitment agency, specializing in the onboarding of professionals in three distinct areas—healthcare, IT and executive search.

Regardless of whether or not your current recruitment needs fall into one of the aforementioned categories, the importance of making the right hire the first time simply can’t be understated.

Think about it—building out your team […]

Featured Job: Project Manager – Shanghai

Shanghai is calling
State-of-the-Art brand new hospital
Want to improve healthcare in?China?

We are currently recruiting for 2 Full-Time Project Managers to become part of brand new, State-of-the-Art prestigious hospital based in Shanghai China. We are seeking candidates who have good industry experience implementing Patient information, Clinical solutions and […]

Social Media Is Watching You

Sometimes I think that the phrase social media is somewhat of a misnomer. Social implies real-time communication between individuals and a two-way dialogue with wider society. For the most part, this is true.

However, in the age of big data and technology advancements, the conversations are not just living and breathing. They can be captured and recorded in all manner […]

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