Recruitment is about getting the right brief from the client – a thorough understanding of the role and skills required for the hired incumbent to be successful in the position. We utilise a large number of specialised methodologies in sourcing our candidates through various searches including: Referrals & Recommendations, Networking, Multiple Databases, data mining, web scraping, various social media outlets, Blogs, forums, industry events, etc. It is extremely important to identify the right “Aptitude and ability”, Personality, “Workplace motivation and values” as well as the correct Competencies to do the job well.  Each Campaign is run as an individual assignment.

Search and Selection

Our Approach

Strategy Solutions search approach is characterized by a flexible, organized process with a strategic and aggressive recruitment program. Because the needs of each search are unique, our approach is both consultative and adaptive.

Understanding your Organisation

A search assignment begins with a thorough assessment of an organization’s structure, strategic goals, culture and leadership needs. We like to interview members of the management team to gather a full briefing and understanding of the requirements and the organization to determine the best search approach.

Managing the Search

Strategy Solutions develops a specific search strategy for each individual search assignment, including geographic and organizational targets.

Identification of Candidates

We identify potential candidates whose skills and accomplishments mirror your needs. We undertake a global search and evaluate candidate’s skills, experience and values against the briefing.

Screening the Candidates

Strategy Solutions conducts in-person interviews when possible or by telephone / video conferencing with the strongest candidates and evaluates them against the client’s specifications for skills, experience, management style and values. If requested by the client we will also verify credentials, conduct personal reference checks and verify academic degrees, professional qualifications, visa verification etc.

Candidate Evaluation

We conduct in-depth evaluation interviews with each screened candidate to assess the potential for success within your organization, as well as a serious interest in the position. We also seek out and speak with individuals who can provide confidential professional and/or personal references on each candidate including, where appropriate, current and former employers to determine management style, skills, strengths and accomplishments.

Verification of Credentials

Upon request by the client we will verify all candidates’ academic degrees, professional licenses and certifications etc.

Presentation of Candidates

Upon compiling a shortlist of the most qualified candidates, we present those resume to the client and schedule a meeting with the client to review each candidate in-depth. Once the client has determined the candidates to be interviewed, we will coordinate the interview process.

Interview Selection

Once our client(s) have selected the candidates to interview we coordinate times and locations. We recommend to our clients to be aware of anti-discrimination legislation, including the General Protections legislation of the Fair Work Act 2009, which also covers adverse action against prospective employees, national privacy policy and sexual harassment legislations.

Selection and Job offer

Once a client has selected a candidate to hire, we manage the process of the offer. Many in demand job seeking professionals will have the opportunity to pick between multiple offers. So it is important to us to get it right and not miss out on that “right candidate”. Management of the recruitment process correctly ensures the right information is exchanged, trust is developed, this provides a level of control that when the offer is made and it’s too good for the incumbent to refuse. We promote the aspects of the job the candidate is most interested in: a great cultural fit, fantastic career progression opportunities, reputation and brand, salary package / benefits meeting or over exceeding expectations. A compelling tailored offer will increase the likelihood of the acceptance to being much more likely.

Post placement management

Post placement Management is a follow-on service we provide to help make sure both you and the candidate are happy with the way things are going. We typically contact the candidate in the first week, after their first month, after the first three months and continually every three months. It helps with understanding of both parties expectations and uncover any issues which may exist in a new work environment.

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