Wearable tech is fast becoming as essential as our cup of coffee in the morning.

The technology itself is mind blowing, but what really gives it “juice” is the data analysis that sits behind it. Big Data is not a new concept to many of us, and predictive analysis already makes the ads pop up just when you feel the need to go on that holiday. It is not magic, it happens because you searched for flights a few weeks ago, remember?

Wearable tech will take that level of data input to the next level, and therefore the output will be all the more powerful.

You might be talking to your friend, and (while in proximity) your smart watches will work out that you both “liked” a picture about a certain concert. They could “push” an alert to suggest that you go together.

You might be at a networking event, and you will immediately be able to work out which people are worth talking to as the watch sends you LinkedIn profile pictures of all the “players” in the room. No more wasting time talking to the person who doesn’t have the faintest interest in what you have to say!

On a less banal note, your teach could give you crucial advanced warning of a stroke, heart attack, or, in the age of skin cancer, even the dangers of being in the sun for too long without suitable protection. Wearable Tech is not all about gimmicks – it will save lives.

Out life rushes past so quickly, but we really will be able to manage it so much better with the help of technology. One click and your gas bill is paid, one click and the heating is turned on for when you get home, one click and you can find where you left the car keys….

Life is make enjoyable by experiences. The tech might not be able to give us these experiences, but it will give us more time in our lives to enjoy them. Nothing beats a walk in the park with the family, a dinner with a loved one or a surprise weekend getaway. Managing all the daily “chores” with the help of tech will give us all that little bit more time to enjoy life more.

Of course, there is another argument that the tech could just take over completely. For the person that is not able to switch off, this remains a danger. The worrying future of the writer having a relationship with his “operating programme” (albeit voiced by Scarlett Johansson) in the fil “She” is a future that may well come to pass to some extent.

It is up to us how we utilize the benefits that the new technology offers us. Personally, I find that it makes life so much easier in so many ways, but I know that I will never let it take over completely.

What do you think?